Saturday, July 06, 2013

Adjournment Speech: The Selangor State government has to take reasonable steps to solve problems of the land ownership of Sea Park Apartment carpark lot at Jalan 21/13, Petaling Jaya soonest possible.

I have tabled an adjournment speech on 5th July 2013 in the Selangor State Legislatie Assembly to bring up an issue related to the land ownership of Sea Park Apartment carpark. The State Government was represented by Housing EXCO, YB Iskandar Samad and he replied that he will assist the residents of Sea Park Apartment to resolve this matter.

Below is my notice to the Speaker on this matter:


28 Jun 2013

YB Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan
Tuan Speaker Dewan Negeri Selangor,
Pejabat Tuan Speaker,
Tingkat 1, Bangunan Annex,
Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor,
40680 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Telefon: 03-5544 7621, 03-5519 2475
Faks: 03-5519 3302

YB Tuan Speaker,


As Kampung Tunku’s State Assemblyman, I would like to present a notice to seek your permission to deliver an adjournment speech at the end of the sitting under Standing Order 16 (2) on 5th July 2013. The speech’s content is as below;
“The Selangor State government has to take reasonable steps to solve problems of the land ownership of Sea Park Apartment carpark lot at Jalan 21/13, Petaling Jaya soonest possible.”
 “The Sea Park Apartment Management Corporation at Jalan 21/13, Petaling Jaya has received a letter from the owner of the car parking lot land instructing the residents to deliver vacant possession of the four parcels of land to him.”
 “The land which houses Sea Part Apartment carpark lot since 1980 has been separated into 4 parcels of land registered under Grant Number 39967 (Lot Number 22713), Grant Number 39971 (Lot Number 22717), Grant Number 39972 (Lot Number 22718) and Grant Number 39973 (Lot Number 22720).”
“The second problem is if the lands are taken back by the owner, where will the residents park their vehicles?”
“Search made with the Petaling District Land Office shows that until 2008, all of 4 pieces of land is still being held by the developer, Sea Housing Sdn. Bhd. In 2008, the developer has transfered ownership of all 4 lands to a person named Yap Say Tee.”
“The question here is, why does the government at that time did not insist on surrender of common properties which includes all 4 pieces of land to the Apartment’s management corporation or government?
“Why does the government has to approve the title transfer of the land ownership from a developer to an individual without investigation and assessment of this problem?
“Did the mistake occur because the apartment was built before Act 318 coming into force? If yes, how will the government rectify this situation?
“Will Selangor government take back this land now to protect the interest of the Sea Park Apartment’s residents? If yes, what will be the procedures?
“Regardless, the Selangor government must intervene, investigate and solve this matter before the land owner begin a legal suit or issue a Court order against these innocent residents.”
“The first problem is that these lands are surrounding their six apartment blocks. It means that every time residents step out of their block, they are considered as intruding other’s land.”
“Sea Park Apartment is an apartment developed in 1980, prior to the 1985 Strata Titles Act (Act 318) coming into force.”

Thank you.

Yours truly,

YB Lau Weng San
Kampung Tunku State Assemblyman
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