Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anonymous complaint letter - no chance for me to reply

I have received an anonymous complaint letter, which I think is written by a resident from SS1 Kampung Tunku.

The complainant complained about:
  1. All the drains are not repaired as they are above 60 year-old.
  2. All the tall trees are not trimmed especially along narrow roads (Lorong) ie around post office and SS1/11A. Branches of trees are falling from one side to opposite side.
  3. At the junction SS11/SS1/1 motorcycles can easily fall into the drain.
  4. Underground waterpipes are rusty as they are 60 year-old.
  5. Too many condo projects are being built without consulting residents. Well-known people, Dr Mahathir's son and military and government officers are living near the condo project. Most of the residents of condominium are foreign labourers and fighting among themselves is order of the day.
  6. There are no proper bus services. As such, Selangor state government should bring back minibuses.
  7. Roads are not maintained properly. Full of holes are all long.
And I am very frank to also tell you that the complainant scolded me like this: "As an Assemblyman, you have not done anything good and are spoiling the good name of DAP."

I have no chance to reply the writer of the complaint letter but I would like to take this opportunity to reply him/her here openly in my blog.

The complainant said that there are damaged roads, drains and rusty pipes in SS1 Kampung Tunku. I appreciate if the complainant can pinpoint to me the exact location of the complaint so that we can straight away settle the problem without having to tour around Kampung Tunku just to look for damaged roads, drains and rusty pipes.

For everybody's information, Jalan SS1/15 and surrounding area was already resurfaced in 2010 when I highlighted the deplorable conditions of the road in 2008. In 2011, I have also put in an application to continue the work there. You can check it out here

The complainant spoken about fallen tree branches and tall trees not trimmed. Although the location given is not very specific but I guess it must be located somewhere near Jalan SS1/11, which is the main road coming out from SK Kampung Tunku. I was informed that Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) had appointed contractor to trim tall trees there and the last trimming was done before Chinese New Year 2012.

As for rusty underground pipes, I am afraid this is beyond our control at the moment as it is Syabas, who is the water distribution and supply concession holder, who should replace all old and rusty underground waterpipes all over the place in Selangor. They had started the exercise to replace old waterpipes before 2008 but put the it to a halt when the new government propose to restructure water service industry in Selangor, which until today is not in favour of Syabas. The negotiation is at a deadlock, so does the waterpipes replacement scheme.

Minibuses is a good idea but unfortunately it is another sector under the purview of the Federal Government. Currently there is only one bus buzzing through SS1 and SS3 between Kelana Jaya Parkview and Pasar Seni. I had requested for more buses in 2008 but it all fallen on deaf ear. However, I will request for a meeting with RapidKL again to pursue on the matter.

There is another issue, which is quite critical, that the complainant had written, that is the issue of over-development. I believe the condominium he/she wrote must be Paramount View Condominium. The project was approved during the previous BN government and there is no way the succeeding PR state government to scrap the project.

I hope this reply is sufficient enough to explain to the people and I hope the writer of the letter will have the chance to read my reply here. 
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